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We Prevent Employee Burnout.

Our vendors address all aspects of wellness. We focus on the intersection between psychology, physical health, & workplace design.
A meta-analysis of 36 studies revealed that employee medical costs fell by $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs, & absenteeism costs fell by $2.73 per dollar invested, adding up to a 6:1 return on investment (ROI).
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Jane Shersher, LCSW

Jane is the Founder & CEO of Ava. She is responsible for overseeing Ava service implementation (including vendor selection & program design), business development, & client relationships. Jane also coaches professionals seeking work-life balance & was voted All Star Mentor at 1871 (#1 global tech startup incubator by UBI in 2018). She studied at the premier occupational therapy program in the U.S. prior to obtaining her graduate degree in medical social work. Jane is also the Founder & Clinical Director of Summit Counseling Group, where she sees patients daily as a psychotherapist.

David Primer

As Ava's Chief Data Officer, David develops & maintains the algorithms underlying Ava's proprietary assessment. He is responsible for ensuring Ava's assessment results are backed by peer-reviewed research & statistically reliable analyses. David informs business strategy & helps clients to understand their assessment results. He holds a master’s degree in molecular biology & has a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. In addition to his work with Ava, David is the founder of Strataquant LLC, where he develops algorithms for companies within the financial industry. 

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Oleg Yazvin

As Head of Product, Oleg is responsible for managing the development & implementation of Ava’s technology platforms. He oversees Ava’s assessment delivery & user experience. Oleg ensures alignment between the market, Ava's vision for progress, the latest science developments, & the product roadmap. Oleg has over 6 years of experience creating data analytics & SaaS platforms in various industries including payments. Additionally, he manages ChiPMA, a networking & education focused community for product managers in Chicago. Oleg is certified in Mental Health First Aid.

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